GRP moulded parts

Clamping and connecting GRP pipes securely

Besides durable and economical GRP pipe systems, we at Neßler Plastics also design and produce suitable primary and secondary supports, support systems, as well as GRP moulded parts (fittings) for pipes and conduits up to a diameter of 4200 millimetres. Our flanges, bends and T-pieces made of GRP are used in various industrial sectors – primarily in the chemical industry, in plant engineering and power station construction, and also in shipbuilding or sewage technology. Since our fittings consist of GRP parts, they have the same impressive properties as our GRP piping systems. Thanks to special resins, the GRP fittings are also weather and temperature resistant and are characterised by low brittleness and high dimensional stability combined with low weight.

Our GRP fittings system was developed by our highly qualified engineers and GRP experts specifically for Neßler Plastics. It is certified and meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to the large number of different moulded parts, which are manufactured by winding or manual laying, it is also possible to design complicated pipe systems.

Series production or single piece: Flexible mould design thanks to GRP

Whether individual single pieces or series production in large quantities, we manufacture GRP parts in any shape, size and in the desired quantity for you. For the adaptation and optimal connection of our GRP pipes, we also manufacture individual GRP moulded parts with a curvature of 1° – 120°.

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