Maintenance & Repair

GRP Repair: The best service at any time

Our service does not end after set-up. You can rely on the expertise of our experienced service team for the regular maintenance of your GRP containers, pipe systems or other GRP components.

GRP is extremely stable, weather-proof, impact-resistant, corrosion-free and resistant to temperature and media. Durability is therefore one of the outstanding properties of our manufactured plastic products. Should damage nevertheless occur, you can rely on our fast and reliable GRP repair service. In most cases, it is not necessary to replace the complete work piece. A professional repair of your GRP parts is often cheaper and just as efficient.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are also able to repair large-area GRP damage. Your GRP parts will re-acquire their original functionality to the fullest extent. After the final painting, your GRP work piece will be as good as new.

Due to its versatility, we are not only able to repair GRP material, but to repair almost any material with the help of GRP. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of a GRP repair.

GRP linings and coatings

The production of GRP pipe systems, containers and fittings is our everyday business. Years of experience with glass-fibre reinforced plastics make us reliable professionals in the field of plastics technology. In addition to the manufacture and installation of various GRP components and pipes, we also offer extremely durable and resistant GRP coatings and GRP linings.

Whether containers, industrial tanks or boat hulls – a coating with GRP is weather-resistant, temperature-resistant, corrosion-free, protects against shocks, and is resistant to chemicals. In short: A GRP coating increases the service life of your component. Existing GRP parts can also be further reinforced with additional layers.

GRP linings for containers and industrial tanks are always an option when it comes to collecting liquids that are hazardous to water. We also coat entire rooms such as chemical storage facilities or various containers and apparatuses with flexible, corrosion-free and media-resistant GRP coatings or thermoplastic coatings.

We will be happy to inform you about the many possibilities and advantages of a GRP lining or GRP coating offered to you by Neßler Plastics.

Special components made of GRP

The motto that has always applied at Neßler Plastics is: There is no such thing as impossible. Thanks to its composition of synthetic resins and glass fibres, the possible applications of GRP are almost limitless. That is why we can also supply you with individually and specially fabricated GRP special components for almost any requirement in the size you require. Just ask us about the possibilities.

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