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Acids and alkalis meet GRP pipes

The main field of application for our GRP pipes is the chemical industry, where acids and alkalis have to be transported. The reason for this is the special properties of GRP as a composite material: high corrosion resistance and dimensional stability, extreme temperature resistance and compressive strength. In addition, GRP pipes are particularly light, maintenance-free and easy to clean. Our GRP pipes and moulded parts are characterised by their chemical resistance and meet the highest demands on operational safety and economy. They offer corrosion protection for permanently safe plant operation even under extreme influencing factors such as aggressive media, different pressure situations or extreme temperature fluctuations.

In terms of sustainability and safety, GRP pipes and fittings offer clear advantages over conventional metallic systems. Depending on the area of requirement, our GRP pipes are manufactured with the precise plastic mixture that reliably meets your demands. After all, pipes in chemical plants are exposed to extreme corrosive and thermal processes.

GRP pipes offer excellent strength properties and outstanding resistance to chemicals. We produce our GRP pipes from unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ester resins with thermoplastic linings and/or with chemical protective layers for particularly aggressive media.

We manufacture different basic pipe types in the nominal widths 25 mm to 4000 mm, which can be individually adapted according to requirements. Needless to say, we also produce suitable fittings for each of our GRP pipe systems.

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Our GFK pipes have been in use worldwide for many years

The manufacture of the pipelines follows the highest quality demands according to the requirements of our customers. The expert team of Neßler Plastics consists of specialist engineers as well as internationally experienced service technicians.

We are happy to provide our customers with a complete service, starting from project planning, manufacture and transport right up to the installation of GRP pipe systems.