GRP containers

Resistant containers for the chemical industry

The robustness of our GRP containers makes them ideal storage tanks for almost all chemical operating materials. Whether phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid or other chemicals: GRP containers from Neßler meet the highest demands for use in the chemical industry. They are used in acid concentration plants, monochloro-acetic acid plants, environmental protection plants and electrolysis plants, among others. In short: We build the suitable GRP container for every content.

Different pressure situations, extreme temperature fluctuations and aggressive media. In the chemical industry, containers and tanks are exposed to extreme influences. Our GRP containers in chemical plants meet all the requirements of the latest technology, operational safety and official regulations. They are impressive due to their low weight and their high mechanical and thermal resistance to hostile external and internal influences.

Whether pure GRP or GRP-thermoplastic composite, each GRP tank or GRP container is made-to-measure. The composition of the materials defines the individual properties (compressive strength, temperature and weather resistance, corrosion protection, acid resistance, suitability for foodstuffs) of the container and accurately meets the desired requirements for chemical resistivity.

The general structure of our GRP containers consists of a resin-rich outer layer, the supporting laminate as a base in the middle, and another resin-rich inner layer. The latter depends on the medium to be stored. For highly corrosive substances, for example, we use an acid-resistant chemical protective layer.

GRP tanks or simple GRP containers are manufactured by Neßler Plastics up to a length of 24 metres and a nominal width of DN 4000. On request, we will be happy to transport your GRP container to the location of your choice. Our experienced service technicians will install it professionally on site.

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